About Us

All relationships begin with an invitation. It’s my honor to invite you to join our school familia, a community that nurtures love of language and learning in our  school culture grounded in our LEEP virtues, nuestras virtudes.  Every day, our students learn Respeto/Respect, Valentia/Courage, Gratitud/Gratitude, Alegria/Joy, and Cariño/Caring.  At LEEP Academy, we also believe that these virtues must  be passed on through generations, taught in our family, and lived by our elders. I learned these virtues in the Hispanic communities of my youth in Texas, and I hope to carry these forward in LEEP Dual Language Academies. We offer a unique educational experience for all children,  because we believe that every child is unique, every child is gifted, and every child can be enriched by a diverse, multilingual community of learners.

Message From Our Founder

José Roberto Gutierrez, Founder


LEEP advances an educational model of high-performing, dual language schools for diverse communities.


Our vision is for all students to have access to top-quality educational opportunities that prepare them to excel academically and personally and emerge as leaders in a multicultural workforce and world. 

Guiding Values

Respeto/Respect (overarching virtue that manifests in how we engage one another)

Valentía/Courage  (the courage to grow and persist)

Gratitud/Gratitude (a spirit of humility effectuated through service and with compassion)

Alegría/Joy (the soul of our work and our mission; we celebrate when students succeed) 

Cariño/Love (love of community)